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Hetro / bi room

2 rooms


Gay room



Get it between 22:00 and 23:00

Info @ the bar


Dirty Disco Night

Every Saturday from 12 o'clock midnight


Sexy Clothing or Lingerie


Fun4all Swingersclub!

There are no strangers...only friends that you've never met before!

Welcome to  Fun4all Swingersclub!

There are no strangers…only friends that you’ve never met before!


Rules of the club


Instructions given by the staff must always be followed.

Respect is rule number 1 in the club. No means No for everybody.

The club facilities are very clean. Help to keep them so.

Smoking is not permitted in the playrooms or in the bathrooms.

The use of towels in the bedrooms is obligatory for your and our hygiene.

Towels are available for 2€ each at the bar.

In each bedroom you will find a basket for the disposal of used towels.

Keep your personal belongings in a safe. Keys can be left free of charge at the bar.

Any form of recording i.e. video, mobiles etc. is strictly forbidden for your and our privacy.


You can be expelled from the Club for the following reasons:


– being in a drunken state

– annoying other club customers

– for using drugs – which is strictly prohibited


If you have any suggestions or complaints please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a pleasant night

Your fun4all team

Rules for single men


Admission of single men will depend on the number of couples in the club at that time

Admission can be refused for the following reasons :

– If you are drunk

– If you are inappropriately dressed (unsuitable footwear, shorts,etc.)

– an unkempt appearance

– too many men in the club at that time

Dress to impress!


Look for a relaxed manner in which in to make contact with couples. A fun evening begins with a chat and a   drink

No = no there is no MUST for couples to have sex

We give no guarantee of sex :-clubs which do this have paid women.

Apart from the required entry fee we have normal bar prices, so do not hesitate to have a drink together.

The fun4all team wishes you a very pleasant evening!


FUN'S V.I.P. Night




Get it between 22:00 and 23:00

info @ the bar

Open 7 Days from 10.00pm until late

Entrance fee

Couples free entry

Single Men €25,- (incl. 1 drink) and an erotic surprise